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BOPP Film – Plain

BOPP Film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film)

BOPP film is one of 4 key pillars in Scientex’s consumer packaging thrust, complementing CPP, PE and PU adhesives substrates for product wrapping needs.

The BOPP segment came into the Scientex’s custom films division via acquisition of Seacera Polyfilms Sdn Bhd in 2014 along with its annual production capacity of 6,000 MT. Subsequent to the purchase, Scientex formed a strategic alliance with Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd (Futamura), a leading producer of BOPP film and other film products in Japan. Futamura’s equity participation was forged in September the same year.

Capacity expansion followed in August 2016 with a 10 fold increase in BOPP plant output to 60,000 MT per annum. The purpose built state-of-the-art facility was constructed on a 12 acres piece of land at the Selangor Halal Hub in Pulau Indah, Selangor. Two high capacity BOPP lines are installed comprising Japan Steel Works customised film stretching plant in combination with high speed J Kampf slitter. Automation in manufacturing was embraced throughout the factory floor for safe and efficient handling up to final packing and delivery.

The new BOPP plant was designed and engineered from the onset based on the premise of JAPAN QUALITY, SOUTH EAST ASIAN COST. This guiding principle has resulted in an ultra-modern, highly efficient, JIT infused and SAP enabled ERP factory for maximum deliverance of high quality at competitive costs.

Also, as a prerequisite to the Japan market, the BOPP lines are placed in multi-partitioned GMP pressurised compartments with web inspection cameras at appropriate monitoring points.

Product Development with Japan

Scientex has a joint technical collaboration with strategic alliance partner Futamura. Extensive R & D work in product development and improvement is carried out at both Nagoya, Japan and Pulau Indah laboratories

Customer Support

The Scientex Film Technical Centre at Rawang plant offers an excellent platform with its modern facilities and testing equipment for testing and development work with customers.

With our vast knowledge, experience and expertise in multiple products/applications, we are able to offer and advise customers on a diverse range of lamination needs and possibilities.

Scientex’s plain BOPP film is mostly used for the printing and lamination industry whereby we have a strong reputation in providing an excellent film quality to meet the ever changing stringent quality demand.

Our PB Series or plain film is designed and suited for various print and lamination application and has a vast application window, It is specifically produced in mind to meet specific customer requirements. It has an exceptional good thickness profile and is very suitable to most if not all printing and lamination process.

The film comes in thickness ranging from 18 microns to 45 microns and special care and attention is provided in our process to ensure all quality are met before delivery.


  • Printing and Lamination
  • Glossy Printing
  • Label, Stock, Lamination & Customized Application
  • Paper Lamination
  • Interleave Release Liner


  • Maximum length: 8,000m per roll
  • Good gloss and slip
  • Excellent surface smoothness

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BOPP Film – Selangor, Pulau Indah

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