Stretch Film – Klang Hock

Manual Cast & Blown Film

Cast – Standard Film

Thickness ranging from 13~25um. These cast extrusion films are intended for general purpose applications due to its easy-to-use characteristics and competitive pricing. Available in either 2” or 3” ID cores with various film widths and lengths.


  • General purpose packaging and unitization of products of varying sizes and weight from medium to heavy goods which require strong holding force with sharp protruded corners. Suitable for A, B & C type loads.

Cast – Thin Film

Specially produced through co-extrusion using state-of–the-art multi-layer structure cast extruder. Our cast machines combines the use of the latest technology with advanced premium grade raw materials for the production of ground breaking eco-friendly stretch film with thickness ranging from 8~12 um.


  • High clarity and excellent for bar coding
  • Stretching between 50 – 100%
  • Excellent costs saving per pallet wrap
  • Lesser film to wrap


  • Suitable for A type load users who requires lighter stretch wrapping
  • Provides excellent load protection

Blown – Hand Film

Produced in co-ex multi-layer blown extruder. The films are generally economical and provides good holding force with thickness ranging from 12~25um.


  • Good in mechanical strength and toughness
  • High force to load
  • High in tackiness
  • Slightly hazy


  • Suitable for wrapping all kinds of palletised goods which requires better holding force as well as puncture and tear resistance

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