Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Scientex is committed to continuously innovate and develop sustainable packaging solutions that will contribute to the plastic circular economy. We have collaborated and worked closely with local and multinational brand owners to create and develop fully recyclable flexible plastic packaging in our pursuit to provide sustainable packaging solutions to meet our customers’ sustainability goals.

Innovating and providing sustainable packaging solutions is further enhance with our ability to develop new sustainable solutions through our integrated manufacturing facilities and technical centres.

From down gauging of film thickness to reduce the consumption of raw materials whilst maintaining its functionality to fully recyclable mono-materials films and laminated packaging, we will continue to focus on development of sustainable packaging solutions and provide options that delivers sustainability benefits across the flexible plastic packaging value chain and our environment.

Fully Recyclable PE or PP mono-material substrate for flexible laminates

We have PE and PP mono-material solutions for heat resistant, barrier and sealant films that are able to provide a shift from current non-recyclable laminates packaging to high performance PE or PP mono-material sustainable laminates that are “recycle-ready” for current or future sorting and recycling streams.

MDO PE Films for Full PE//PE Flexible Laminates 

Our 100% PE film are fully recyclable and customised to include high barrier structure, providing optimal product protection. Suitable to replace the PET film for stand-up pouches and frozen food application.

This MDO PE film come with two grades:

  • ECOSURF NE (20 micron – 30 micron) and
  • ECOSURF BE (20 micron – 30 micron) with high barrier

BOPP and CPP films for full PP//PP Flexible Laminates

Our BOPP and CPP range of heat resistant, barrier and sealant films can be used in Duplex or Triplex structures to form mono-material laminates for sustainable flexible packaging.

Mono-material Laminated Packaging Solution

Scientex also offer PE or PP recyclable mono-material laminated packaging solution through its subsidiary, Daibochi Berhad.

The following is an example of commercialised packaging solution which converted a multi-material laminate (non-recyclable) into a mono-material laminate (fully recyclable) which will subsequently carry the number 5 recycling symbol of PP.

Compostable Film

Our compostable film is perfect for brand owners seeking a fully compostable option which can be decomposed and break down to non-toxic components within a sufficiently short period of time in the conditions of composting operation.

BioPBS (bio-based polybutylene succinate) film is a bio-based semi-crystalline polyester film with higher service temperature and degradable at room temperature. We are now able to offer barrier packaging with excellent sealant properties and low odour that makes it a perfect solution for bio-degradable flexible packaging. It is suitable for packing of various type of dry food like coffee capsule, tea leaves etc.

Our BioPBS film is certified for both OK Compost Home and Industrial by TUV Austria.

Bio-degradable Plastic Film

Our Bio-degradable plastic film (unlike Oxo-biodegradable) has highly efficient full bio-degradation which uses the synergism of all agents of decay (air, light, heat, moisture) to biodegrade into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, leaving no microplastic behind. It is a time-controlled onset of degradation (within 6 months to 3 years).