Bio-degradable and Compostable

BioPBS Film & Bio-degradable Plastic Film

The use of compostable packaging as one of the eco-friendly biodegradable options continues to gain traction as more global brand owners prioritize environmental, social and governance initiatives. Our fully compostable BioPBS™ packaging is based on Polybutylene Succinate Adipate (PBSA), a plastic that is derived from natural sources and decomposes into water and carbon dioxide by microorganism when under soil.


  • Made from organic materials
  • Certified for both OK Compost Home and Industrial by TUV Austria
  • High service temperature and degradable at room temperature
  • Excellent sealant properties
  • Fully compostable


  • Capsules
  • Pouches (e.g. tea)
  • Wrappers

Our Applications

A Fully Integrated Solution Provider

Following the successful commercialisation of this solution, we are now actively collaborating with more customers to develop an innovative compostable solution that meets their packaging needs.

All Responsible Packaging Solutions

Mono Material Laminates

Fully Recyclable PE or PP mono-material substrate for flexible laminates.

Paper Based

Fexible Packaging with full recyclability.

Bio-degradable and Compostable

BioPBS Film Bio-degradable Plastic Film