The Group’s strategy of providing affordable homes has brought great benefits to the masses who are increasingly finding it difficult to own their own houses due to the fast rising costs. With that in mind, the Group has a stated goal and vision to be a leading and reliable developer of affordable housing and which shall form the mainstay of its development projects. As of July 2018, the Group has successfully built and delivered approximately 16,500 affordable homes with prices ranging from below RM100,000 per unit up to RM500,000 per unit. As part of its 10 year vision till 2028, the Group intends to leverage on its existing expertise and knowledge as a cost competitive developer of good quality affordable homes and aspires to build and provide 50,000 units or more affordable homes to eligible  buyers as it seeks to address the demand for such affordably priced housing all over Malaysia. By aligning with the interest of our stakeholders, the Group is focused on providing truly affordable housing to the communities and masses while developing a good brandname and reputation as a reliable and trustworthy developer of good quality yet affordable homes. As an extension of that, the Group is also working closely with the state governments of Melaka and Johor to provide such affordable homes under the states’ respective Rumah Mampu Milik initiative.



Affordable Homes

By 2028


Affordable Homes

The success of the Group over the years is linked to the success of the communities that we operate in and this symbiotic relationship needs to be nurtured and developed with mutual trust, understanding and cooperation from all stakeholders. Our plants, wherever they are located, seek to employ the local communities to provide employment opportunities to them. Our manufacturing and property development divisions operate in the surrounding communities which provides a talent pool of workers and employees that will ensure the daily operations of the businesses. Our employees are offered competitive salaries, performance incentives and other benefits. The Group believes strongly that our employees are our greatest assets. In addition, under the Group’s Share Grant Plan, eligible employees are granted shares based on the Group’s overall achievements as well as individual employee performance for a particular year. The Group also provide training for our employees and deserving employees are promoted to move up the employment ladder with greater responsibilities, better career prospects and better remuneration packages.


The plastics industry has faced many challenges in addressing the alleged adverse impact of plastic products on the environment. The negative perception raised by the media and NGOs that plastics is bad for the environment and hence advocating a complete ban on plastics usage has a direct economic impact on the Group which would affect the Group’s viability. The Group, with the joint efforts of the plastics industry, saw the need to counter the negative media reports and to engage the various stakeholders and the public that plastic products per se are not harmful and that the real cause of the problem is the indiscriminate and irresponsible manner in which used plastic products are disposed off. This is where the Group, working in collaboration with the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association and other industry stakeholders, has rolled out several large scale awareness campaigns targeted at selected schools in the Klang Valley, Johor and Melaka  to create greater awareness of the issues surrounding the use of plastics and to educate the public and in particular school children on the importance of the 3Rs principles namely Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as part of its long term efforts to educate the public that plastic products are not damaging to the environment if used and disposed off in a responsible manner and hence would not be harmful to the environment.

The Group is of the view that education and awareness is key and that the use of plastics in itself is not detrimental to the environment if it was managed properly.  In this regard, the government has a role to play to encourage the practice of the 3Rs principles with proper segregation of recycleable materials and proper disposal of waste materials.  As for the Group, it has for a long time practised recycling of its waste materials and products with recycling machines being installed in all its plants in Pulau Indah and Rawang in Selangor and its Melaka plant and this has led to a substantial reduction in the generation of plastic waste as these materials may be reused and recycled to produce usable products. Particularly, our newly built BOPP plant at Pulau Indah, Selangor, being a technologically advanced plant designed to be lean, efficient and sustainable has fully embraced  computerization and automation in its manufacturing processes with emphasis on reducing production costs and wastages. It features the state-of-the-art integrated recycling facility which has the capability to produce high quality reusable materials which demonstrates our commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality or increasing costs of production.

In addition, the Group is conscious of the need to reduce the use of resources and to protect the environment and to that end, it has been making headway into the manufacturing of  thinner gauge films such as its Nano6 stretch film products which are extremely popular in Japan as it uses lesser materials and hence creates lesser impact on the   environment.  Down gauging of films are also applied to our consumer packaging films whilst the Group has started exploring the production of bio degradable based film using organic materials as part of its conscious efforts to address the environmental concerns arising from the use and disposal of plastic products. Lastly, the production teams are constantly exploring ways to minimize the wastage generated. The Group also sees a fast growing global trend towards convenience food packaging and one of the key challenges to food packaging is how to prolong the shelf life of packed food and how to reduce food wastage due to poor quality packaging.  The Group sees huge opportunities in this segment and is actively promoting its 9 layer barrier film as well as its metalised CPP film which have great protective and preservation qualities. The Group foresees that the ability to produce high quality consumer based packaging materials which are able to address the length or duration and the freshness and durability of the quality of the packaged food offers huge potential and   demand for such packaging materials will continue to rise. As such, the Group foresees an opportunity to produce such barrier film and metalised CPP film in response to global needs which seeks to address the issues of food quality, freshness and duration of packaging.

For our manufacturing plants, the safety and welfare of our people and other stakeholders are of paramount importance and we have set up safety committees to oversee the day-to-day occupational health and safety aspects. We have safety officers who has come up with rules and regulations which are strictly enforced to ensure that the working environment is conducive and safe for our employees and any third parties who enters our plants to ensure that they are safe free from harm and exposure to dangerous materials. Suitable equipment, safety wear and helmets are provided to staff and visitors and periodic audits, drills  and checks are conducted to remind people who are working within the plant premises that health and safety remains top priority for the Group and that the Group remains unequivocal that  safety rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to at all times. The Group’s safety record speaks for itself and it intends to ensure that there are no loss or injury time arising from such matters.  To reinforce this, in-house and external trainings are conducted yearly to educate and create greater awareness amongst the employees on the importance of health and safety at the workplace.

Our Pulau Indah stretch film has been certified with the Environmental Management System ISO14001 : 2004 certification whereby our plant have to go through 6 monthly surveillance audit every 6 months and in-depth audits conducted every 3 years by external auditors to ensure compliance  in terms of our environmental management aspects of plastic products. As part of our conscious and continuous effort to address the environmental concerns, we have manufactured a bio-degradable plastic made from natural compostable materials which is known as SCIENTEX ® PBS Film. This film can be disposed off easily with and without the need of any composting or biodegradation facility hence leaving no carbon footprint to Mother Earth. Besides the bio-degradable film, we take the management of waste products seriously as the Group is a firm believer of the 3Rs principles and recycling plays an important role in how we deal with discarded products. For those materials which cannot be reused and recycled, it is disposed off in a proper manner by authorized and licensed recycling companies who then deal with these rejected products in a legal and proper manner, hence preserving the environment from wanton and illegal disposal of waste which are harmful to the environment and the people.

In addition to the OSHAS 18001 certification,  our Rawang PE, Ho Chi Minh  and SGWI plants has been certified with the ISO 14001 : 2004 and ISO 14001 : 2015  certifications which provides a systematic way in dealing with occupational health and occupational safety related matters of our people. A framework has been put in place for the continuous monitoring and review of these potentially hazardous activities such as waste ink treatment and disposal to minimize pollution and damage to the environment. Strict work instructions, guidelines and manual has been put in place for compliance by our employees. Our plants’ effluents discharge and hazardous materials are properly stored and disposed off in a proper and regulated manner through contractors approved by the Department of Environment (DOE).  Our water discharge into the inland waters are also constantly monitored on a monthly basis to ensure there is no water contamination by conducting periodic water quality tests using external lab tests. For our newest BOPP and CPP plants, we have installed a closed loop chilled water cooling system which is intended to conserve our water resources as we recycle our water for internal air conditioning use. Air pollution due to stack emission is conducted yearly to ensure that the VOCs emitted are within permissible levels under DOE regulations and guidelines. As our Rawang factory operates nearby residential and commercial properties, care is taken to ensure that the noise generated from the plant is within limits of tolerance boundary and a noise checking system is in place to measure the noise levels. Our new BOPP and CPP plants are purpose built incorporating the latest features in environmental protection aspects and processes as we understand the impact of preserving our environment.   These plants have commenced operations recently and are working towards getting the necessary ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certification to ensure that it complies with the environmental, safety and health standards.

For our property development projects, we always try ensure that our property designs incorporate the natural elements and seek to preserve the natural environment in its original state to reduce damage to the environment and surrounding areas. This can be seen in our Kulai E’Roca Hills development whereby plentiful of plants and trees are planted in the landscaping of the parks. Our townships are also designed with the provision of ample surrounding spaces for recreational activities for the community as can be seen in our very own Alpinia Park and Amanpuri Park in Taman Scientex Pasir Gudang. These parks provide a natural habitat feeling whilst the abundant trees and plants assist to reduce our carbon footprint. We also seek to reduce and minimize the pollution aspect and impact to the environment through specific measures taken during construction periods such as :

  1. Ensuring that there are no open burning of materials on site;
  2. Preventing soil erosion and run-off, ensuring proper slope design and construction, stabilisation of landform and erosion control and practising close turfing and conducting frequent maintenance;
  3. Reducing noise pollution through careful handling of materials with quiet power tools and equipment;
  4. Conducting frequent monitoring and maintenance of site drains and proper protection of all drains on site;
  5. Reducing site dust pollution through frequent fine water spray;
  6. Providing  sediment basin and silt trap for the purposes of nuisance flooding control and minimising the environmental impact of urban runoff on water quality

The property development division also seek to perform environmental protection through the implementation of environmental management systems through processes such as the adoption of the Industrialised Building System (IBS) to achieve green and sustainable construction method such as the RC shear wall system which consumes lesser wood, timber  and materials leading to the  lowering of  constructional waste generated and reduction of constructional costs whilst  speeding up the construction period with better quality finishes and overall costs savings on materials and time. We also use light gauge steel roof trusses  which are designed to be environmentally friendly with  less wastage generated due to customized design and other benefits such as reduction in construction costs, durable and longer lasting  and cost effective in terms of value.

In terms of water and energy conservation, the property development division has adopted the rainwater harvesting system in its projects for the collection and storage of rainwater for general usage such as building cleaning and landscape irrigation as part of its efforts to prevent wastage of natural water resources and conservation of our scarce water resources. Our projects also use eco-friendly products such as LED lighting for street lighting which are more energy efficient in the long term with lower maintenance costs and works.


Occupational health and safety is of paramount importance to us and covers all our employees, suppliers, contractors and communities that are involved in our business dealings. Our employees are also covered for outpatient healthcare services and in-patient hospitalization treatments and medical services. There are also executive screenings for senior management staff whilst employees are covered under the Group’s personal accident policy.

Our property development division ensures that all its employees and personnel working at the various construction sites shall be registered with the CIDB which is the recognized governmental agency rendering an integrated program that provides registration and accreditation for construction workers and personnel to enhance health and safety levels at construction worksites. Holders of the CIDB green card are automatically covered by a special insurance scheme that provides insurance coverage for construction workers and personnel against death and accidents. Toolbox meetings are frequently conducted at sites to ensure that our construction workers are fully aware of the paramount importance of safety and health at the construction work sites.

Our township development projects is not only focused on the building of residential, commercial and industrial component for a profit as we understand the meaning of community living. In line with our vision 2028 with more affordable homes being built, we are promoting the growth rate of population in the developed yet sustainable township. With the sustainable environment created, communities within are able to have a better living standard and to maintain personal lifestyle. Well before affordable housing became the buzzword, we have been conscientiously providing roofs over people’s heads for those who truly need such housing : we have built more than 2,600 units of housing below RM100,000 per unit, approximately 8,400 units of housing below RM200,000 per unit, about 2,500 units costing RM300,000 to RM400,000 per unit and about 400 units of housing costing between RM400,000 to RM500,000 per unit. With more than 90% of our completed properties focused in the truly affordable housing segment, we are indeed proud to have contributed to the social wellbeing of more than 80,000 Malaysians who need and have found a sanctuary in the comfort of their affordable homes within the confines of a safe and secure community based living environment.   On special and festive occasions, community based events are organized to cater for the residents and community within the township to promote and foster greater interaction  and enhance cohesion between residents and inhabitants of different faiths as they  come together to celebrate  the special occassions,  providing greater bonding amongst residents, families and friends.

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Affordable Homes

In terms of employment opportunities, the Group believes in promoting gender equality and deserving staff are promoted strictly based on meritocracy without discriminating gender, age, race and religion.

The Group also encourages charity work and its participation in the Bursa 2017 Bull Run Challenge is a good example of how charity and fun can come together for a deserving cause. The Group is also supporting a cancer research program which is being undertaken by Cancer Research Malaysia and if the research becomes clinically acceptable, it has the capacity to benefit the wider communities with its pioneering work in gene-related cancer program in a cost effective manner.

The Group has recognized that a sustainable entity depends on the quality of its people and the Group recognizes that talent development and retention is important to bring the Group forward. As part of its efforts, the Group has introduced training programs in various aspects including in the areas of tax, company law, internal controls, and competition law as these training programs and educational workshops were intended to assist the staff to be better equipped in terms of knowledge and to be better managers in the long run as part of the self-enrichment and self-development programs designed to bring out the best in our people.