Embedding Sustainability Across Our Operations

In line with our responsibility as a global organisation, we have embedded the principles of sustainability into our vision, strategic thinking and business processes

“Sustainable thinking plays a central role in enabling us to achieving our business objectives, while at the same time demonstrating our commitment to foster better social and environmental conditions for our people and in the communities where we operate.”

Lim Peng Jin

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Supporting Global Sustainability Objectives

As an organisation, we support the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”), which collectively form a blueprint to build a better future for all. We have aligned each of our sustainability topics to specific UN SDGs, giving greater direction and meaning to our ongoing sustainability initiatives, while guiding the continuing process by which we grow our commitments year by year.

Supported Goals

We develop affordable housing for middle-to-lower-income populations, provide long-term employment opportunities to local communities, and contribute to charitable initiatives.
We provide a high standard of hygienic food packaging solutions which support consumers’ health and well-being. We also promote good physical and mental health amongst employees and communities through various engagement initiatives and via our township developments.
We provide employees with avenues for continuous learning and professional development while raising awareness and knowledge amongst children on the benefits of recycling.
We adopt energy-efficient machinery and lighting in our manufacturing plants and development sites and have accelerated our implementation of solar PV systems at our plants and sales galleries to reduce carbon emissions.
We contribute to the Malaysian economy via taxes and through the employment of local talents while at the same time ensuring a safe and secure working environment that upholds good labour practices.
We emphasise continuous product innovations in packaging that enhance convenience, safety and health, and utilise resource-efficient machinery and construction techniques to promote optimised material usage. We also build public infrastructure at our developments, improving connectivity.
We provide equal home ownership opportunities for local communities via our affordable homes, and, in adherence to our Codes and Policies, we maintain a non-discriminatory approach in our employment, recruitment practices and engagement with other stakeholders.
We continuously expand our affordable housing presence across Malaysia and neighbouring countries and place emphasis on the development of self-sustaining townships that provide housing, improved connectivity and other economic benefits to local communities.
We innovate sustainable, recyclable and resource-efficient packaging solutions, while investing in technology to reduce our waste and energy consumption. We also continuously enhance our recycling efforts and encourage similar practices across our supply chain.
We reduce GHG emissions via various initiatives such as our downgauging efforts, utilisation of recycled resin, effective energy management and mangrove planting programme. We also promote environmental awareness within local communities via collaborations with industry associations.
We contribute to conserving the ocean and marine resources through our mangrove planting programme as well as through our increasing utilisation of Post-Consumer Recycled (“PCR”) resin derived from ocean-bound plastics in our packaging solutions.
We allocate green spaces and plant trees and shrubs, including various vulnerable species, within our developments and undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (“EIA”) for property developments exceeding 50 hectares in size.
We uphold ethical business conduct at all levels and across all jurisdictions where we operate, and have adopted a robust Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (“ABAC”) Policy that extends to our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

A Robust Framework That Aligns Our Strategy

Our impactful sustainability framework features 11 key focus areas within 3 sustainability pillars. Leveraging on this framework, we are empowered to enhance our overarching governance practices and achieve a collective Group-wide effort towards achieving our sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Framework

Sustainability Pillars

Our Activities

Inculcating sustainability values and practices across the community.

Sustainability Reports

Corporate Governance