Scientex VentiFlex

Highly ventilated & Sift-proof fo Moisture-Sensitive and Fine Powder Products

Scientex VentiFlex

Highly ventilated & Sift-proof for Moisture-Sensitive and Fine Powder Products

Packing with Form-Fill-Seal bags and Valve Sack has long been the rule for granular and grainy products. And to allow air escape, packaging material may be needled or micro-perforated. But this is not possible with powder-type products because the product’s dust portion leaks out.

Product compaction inside the bag and air escape during filling are the fundamental requirements for achieving a clean and efficient packing result.
To solve this, we introduce VentiFlex series from Scientex. It is the patented heavy-duty packaging solution for moisture sensitive and fine powder products.

It is produced using inserted strip to make highly-ventilatable and sift-proof film with de-aeration channel where the air is able to escape during high speed filling but still maintain the powdery products in the bag.

This plastic packaging offers significant advantages in comparison with paper packaging, particularly for mixtures containing cement, dry mixes or construction chemicals.

Advantages of VentiFlex film

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