Promoting Environmental Conservation through Tree Planting Initiatives

Recognising the pivotal role that trees play in carbon sequestering, we initiated the Scientex Tree Planting Day in FY2023 at multiple property developments sites. These efforts have seen us planting a diverse range of tree species, including those considered vulnerable, such as Eucalyptus Deglupta, Hopea Odorata and Saraca Asoca (otherwise known as "Ashoka”).

Providing Health Support to Local Communities

As part of our 55th anniversary celebrations, we organised Scientex Health Day events across multiple regions in Peninsular Malaysia during FY2023. These events provided free basic health screenings and health talks to local communities, addressing the healthcare needs of often underserved areas across the country.

Ensuring our People’s Health and Fitness

We continued to foster employee well-being by organising the Scientex 55th Anniversary Run, promoting health and fitness throughout the workforce. The run took place at multiple locations across Malaysia and included complimentary basic health screenings for participating employees, covering vital health indicators like blood glucose, blood pressure and BMI.

Playing our Role to Conserve the Klang River

In FY2023, we participated in conserving the Klang River through our River Immersion Day initiative, enabling our employees to witness its current state and learn how they can contribute to the Selangor Maritime Gateway project to improve water quality and attract native wildlife. We're also collaborating on a river trail to benefit the local community.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Fabric Waste

This new long- term initiative to foster responsible fabric recycling practices amongst our employees was launched in FY2023. The special talk on the importance of recycling fabrics was attended by over 240 employees, while close to 1,000kg of fabric waste was collected and donated for recycling during the year.

Compositing to Complete the Food Cycle

Our 'Back To Earth' initiative at our Shah Alam HQ upcycles food waste into organic compost, promoting circularity and sustainability. In partnership with Global Peace Foundation Malaysia, we donate this compost to the Orang Asli community in Pahang, aiding their regenerative farming efforts and boosting soil fertility.

Healing our Planet through Mangrove Planting

Since FY2022, we have organised Group-wide activities to plant 750 mangroves at Teluk Panglima Garang in Selangor, helping to sequester atmospheric carbon to counter our GHG emissions, bolstering natural coastal defense systems and protecting local biodiversity through our planting of mangrove species that are declining in prevalence.

Encouraging Recycling Amongst the Young Generation

Our Green Truck Programme, which was developed in collaboration with MPMA and ExxonMobil Chemical in 2020, returned to action after the pandemic to promote plastic recycling awareness and inculcate 3R practices in school children. The Green Truck has continued to engage meaningfully with numerous schools located in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Donating Blood to the Community

Blood donation drives have become a well-established staple in our community outreach calendar, with regular events organised to meet the requests from government hospitals that often run low on supply. All drives are conducted with full safety measures undertaken and enjoy strong participation from employees across our corporate office.

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